The OpenNebula Partner Program is a comprehensive set of programs through which partners can build, promote, and sell their offerings in conjunction with OpenNebula Systems. OpenNebula Systems is not creating products to address vertical markets. OpenNebula is a technology-driven company, achieving partnerships with strategic partners to create and promote products, services and solutions addressing market niches. The objectives of OpenNebula’s Partner Program are to align developments and technologies to meet customer’s needs and to support the design and development of joint cloud solutions, products or services.




Service Partners are authorized to offer integration and consulting services around OpenNebula products. Service Partners are professional services firms that help customers of all sizes design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their OpenNebula cloud. Service Partners include Consulting Companies, System Integrators, Strategic Consultancies, Agencies, Managed Cloud Service Providers, and Value-Added Resellers. They can be large consulting companies as well as smaller, specialized firms with market or geographic focus.




The Training Partner Program helps you sell and deliver OpenNebula training courses within your region. OpenNebula Authorized Training Partners are carefully selected by OpenNebula Systems to deliver authorized OpenNebula technical training to our customers and partners. The Training Partnership increases your value and visibility by providing marketing tools that include co-branding opportunities, logo usage, placement on the OpenNebula website, and access to OpenNebula authorized training materials.




Technology Partners provide a technology, product or service that complements OpenNebula and are authorized to advertise their compatibility. They include Independent Software Vendors and Platform Infrastructure Providers that have validated their products with OpenNebula. They do not redistribute the software, but benefit from the certification of OpenNebula upon their platforms. OpenNebula Systems helps manufacturers to advertise their compatibility with OpenNebula.




Reseller Partners are companies with national and worldwide coverage that resell OpenNebula Systems support subscriptions to their customers. You’ll own the entire sales cycle from account management, client prospecting to on-boarding and billing. It could also work as a Referral Partner Program with no revenue commitment, no administration overhead, and no follow-up required. For every referral lead you submit that turns into a customer, you earn a commission. Technology, Training and Service Partner Programs include a Referral Partner Program with a commission on referred sales.




Solution Provider Partners create solutions around OpenNebula, usually bundled or integrated with other open-source components, and provide direct customer support for it. They redistribute the software under the OpenNebula brand name to end customers as part of their solution following a licensing or a subscription model. The Partner adds value by providing a solution customized to solve a well-defined business problem, usually in vertical-specific domains. Solution Providers are large companies that must have specialized support teams for first and second level support of mission critical production applications. OpenNebula Systems provides the Partner with third level support by helping in the resolution of advanced and specialized operational problems that cannot be solved by Partner’s support team.


Partner Program Guides

Download a copy of the Service, Training, Technology, Reseller and Solution Provider Partner Program Guides with a detailed description of the partner programs, their benefits, and the procedure to apply.