OpenNebula Systems has forged strong partnerships with many of the world’s leading independent software vendors, technology providers and global system integrators to deliver innovative cloud computing solutions.




Partner Program Guides

Download a copy of the Service, Training, Technology, Reseller and Solution Provider Partner Program Guides with a detailed description of the partner programs, their benefits, and the procedure to apply.

NTS supervises solutions in the digital space and creates holistic strategies out of IT products. Along with selected high-end manufacturers, NTS creates IT solutions with reliable super services in the fields of network, security, collaboration, Cloud and data centers.

SharxDC is engaged in the software and hardware development. Provides professional services focused in it-infrastructure solutions. Key developments principles of company are Availability, Scalability, Security and Standardization. Company’s mission is build open-source KVM-based Hyper-converged infrastructure solution with integrated it-infrastructure sub-systems.




Inovex is a provider of IT systems with locations in Pforzheim (headquarters), Munich and Cologne. Our business is renewing, improving and simplifying business processes through developing innovative IT applications which use smart, advanced technologies to make our clients’ businesses run more smoothly.


Lintas Media Danawa is a company with a mission to assist companies become better and more competitive by providing appropriate and efficient cloud-based information technology solutions. This cloud-based solution is a new phenomenon in the world of information technology business today that promises many advantages for the companies. We believe the spirit and essence behind the emergence of cloud computing technology will be in line with the needs of your company who want efficiency, convenience, accuracy and scalability.


Computer Port IT Solutions Partners for RedHat/SuSE, IBM, Dell, Proxmox, XCP, Google Apps for Work, AWS Consulting & Implementation Partners etc. We implement Linux based solutions like 2Factor Authentication Solutions, Mail Archiving Solutions, SysLog Servers, Virtual Tape Library Solutions. We are proud to be associated with OpenNebula for their Private & Hybrid Cloud deployments


Terradue delivers Open Web and Cloud Computing solutions for Earth Sciences. We work to exploit and strengthen best practices in distributed computing and scalable architectures. We streamline the production, management and distribution of environmental information. Our Cloud services portfolio focuses on research data management and high performance computing applications for the Earth Sciences.


No Limit Network is the partner to power your private Cloud services. Drop technology problems, think about your value. We assist you on a long term collaboration, with 2 ways exchanges. We believe that your problems have a solution, and we will find it. We are not only a fully managed hosting company, but also IT experts, and our job is to understand your business objectives, to deliver the best from your private cloud. This is why our tagline is ‘a human touch in hosting business’.


ComSysto Reply GmbH is an agile software company offering solutions for challenges of digital modernization. Specialized in the realization of innovative software products in cross-functional, outcome-oriented product teams, ComSysto Reply develops exceptional solutions in cooperation with customers and partners.


FeldHost™ will design and deliver a cloud solution built on the OpenNebula system on your own or leased hardware. We will take care of the operation and management of the supplied or existing solutions, including audit services, updates, and consultations.



Sentrium SL is an ITaaS focused startup which offers end-to-end IT solutions for businesses.
Main areas are Infrastructure virtualization (Storage, Compute, Networking), VDI, Converged solutions, and NFV.

S&T is one of the world’s leading suppliers of Industry 4.0 and IoT-technologies and IT systems. S&T employs more than 3900 persons in offices located in more than 25 countries. Customers in a wide variety of sectors place their trust in the technologies and professional services provided by S&T.


Informology is an IT solution provider, offering consultation, training, software/application development, IT hardware, data center, recovery center solutions and services, with 20 years experience of consulting and implementing ICT projects in Government/Public Sector.

IDB is engaged in Software, VoIP, Cloud Platform development, with a mission to build a Multi-cloud solution using OpenNebula, KVM, and VMWare together with AWS and Azure.
IDB believes Multi-cloud is the future of Enterprise IT.



Launched in 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) began exposing key infrastructure services to businesses in the form of web services — now widely known as cloud computing. Today, Amazon Web Services provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of enterprise, government and startup customers businesses in 190 countries around the world. AWS offers over 28 different services, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2),Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS).


SoftLayer is the largest provider of dedicated hosting in the world, and in 2013 was acquired by IBM They combine “bare metal” servers and Infrastructure-as-a-Service virtual servers for hire, built on their extensive hardware and network infrastructure. And all of this can be managed remotely through a cloud environment.


Microsoft Azure is the cloud services operating system that serves as the development, service hosting, and service management environment for the Azure Services Platform. Microsoft Azure provides developers on-demand compute and storage to create, host and manage scalable and available web applications through Microsoft data centers.


Packet, from its global bare-metal public cloud, to its fully on-premises software solution, is a leader in providing Could and Edge-Computing infrastructure. Packet provides full and complete access to physical infrastructure, support a broad variety of advanced networking features, and can deploy their technology almost anywhere.


VMware Cloud on AWS enables customers to run, manage and secure applications in a production-ready, simple and consistent hybrid IT environment. The service enables organizations to continue using existing VMware tools to manage VMware Cloud on AWS environments without having to purchase custom hardware, rewrite applications, or modify their operating models.




SEP is the backup and recovery software vendor for virtual and physical environments, taking care of customers from small to large enterprises in more than 50 countries. SEP’s hybrid backup solution SEP sesam protects 6 hypervisors and a market leading portfolio of operating systems, applications, groupware and databases based on a variety of processor architectures.


Cfengine, the world technology leader in datacenter automation, based on state-of-the-art research and development, is used by more than 5000 companies on millions of machines world-wide. Versatile and lightweight, Cfengine is the preferred solution for the most exacting system administrators.


Viapps, is an opensource automation life cycle solution of infrastructure services on cloud environments. It allows to create, install, configure, update, manage, monitor and audit network infrastructure services like Firewalls, DNS/DHCP/NTP Servers, HTTP Proxy, SMTP Gateways and IP LoadBalance. It can be deployed on any cloud/virtualization environment.


StorPool is software-defined storage solution. It is intelligent software that runs on standard hardware – servers, drives, network – and turns them into high-performance storage system. StorPool replaces traditional storage arrays, all-flash arrays or other inferior storage software (SDS 1.0 solutions).

StorPool is far superior to traditional storage arrays in both technical and business terms – reliability, scalability, performance, flexibility, efficiency, cost. Compared to other storage software solutions StorPool has very high performance, exceptional efficiency, scalability and simplicity.


NodeWeaver is a company with the mission of bringing reliability as a service to small and medium enterprises and public administrations. Our flagship product is the first OpenNebula-based hyperconverged platform designed to seamlessly weave together virtualization, storage and networking in a single, autonomous system. NodeWeaver provides a simplified web interface, easily customized and extended, and thanks to its internal distributed file system it avoid the need for external, costly SAN storage and is capable of managing faults transparently and autonomously-no maintenance necessary.


LINBIT, the makers of DRBD®, has led the way in high-availability since 2001, and continues to be the OSS market leader for continuity solutions. DRBD is the global standard for mission critical systems. DRBD9 is in OpenNebula, so it integrates seamlessly with your Private Cloud Environment and runs on commodity hardware and virtualization platforms.


OPEN-V is a high performance cloud technology engineering company founded in the heart of Coimbatore – India in the dusk of 2009, extended it’s presence to Los Angeles – USA from 2013, Milan – EMEA since 2016. OPEN-V is focused on creating the best Turnkey Web-scale converged infrastructure stack with high performance orchestration and automation that enables agile Enterprises to deploy scalable, secure, production-ready private and public cloud environments within few mins to hours and not days to months. Its Flagship product StackMAX™ is powered by OpenNebula.


VIRTALUS is an innovative provider of hyper-converged Infrastructure services On Demand, deployed through fast, simple, reliable and scalable solutions for computing, networking and storage. The Company is dedicated to providing core IT functionality to enterprises, at a fraction of the time and cost. Virtalus delivers high-value IT capacity ON DEMAND.


VirtualCable is a Spanish software development & professional services company specialized in virtualization. VirtualCable develops and supports UDS Enterprise, a multiplatform connection broker to deploy and manage virtual and physical desktops, applications and other Windows & Linux remote desktop services. UDS Enterprise allows to simultaneously enable multiple hypervisors, authentication systems and connection protocols, guaranteeing resources optimization and achieving substantial cost savings.


Virtuozzo developed the first commercially available container technology in 2001, which today is used by over 700 service providers, ISVs and enterprises to enable over 5 million virtual environments running mission-critical cloud workloads. Today, Virtuozzo continues to innovate in areas ranging from industry-leading virtualized object storage to cloud-optimized Linux distributions to groundbreaking container migration technologies.

DET.io is a Startup in the Cloud Computing space that develops solutions for hosting providers to sell cloud services, VirtEngine by DET.io integrates with OpenNebula, Docker, and Ceph to allow providers to sell Cloud Computing services.

LizardFS is a fully POSIX compliant parallel, distributed, geo-redundant file system. Native Clients for Linux, MacOSX, FreeBSD and Windows. NFS support (pNFS).PLUG AND SCALE: vertically and horizontally – add or remove a single drive or node. Easy to  install and maintain. GEO REPLICATION: All data is distributed among multiple chunk servers. Erasure Coding




Red Hat is the world’s leading open source solutions provider. It provides high-quality, low-cost technology with its operating system platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, together with applications, management and Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions.


Canonical, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, is a global organisation headquartered in Europe committed to the development, distribution and support of open source software products and communities.


VMware is the global leader in virtualization solutions from the desktop to the data center. Customers of all sizes rely on VMware to reduce capital and operating expenses, ensure business continuity, strengthen security and go green.