Strong partner relationships are the foundation of OpenNebula Systems, providing our partners with a flexible cloud management technology and the professional services to integrate, distribute, create and support their custom cloud solutions and products. OpenNebula Partner Program aims at developing solid alliances with business partners that understand Cloud technology and its applications. There is little overlap between what we offer and what our partners can do.




The Leading Cloud Management System

Excellent performance and scalability, with the most advanced functionality for building private, public and hybrid clouds.

Robust and Stable Technology

Technologies rigorously tested and matured through the community and industrial practices in term of quality, maintainability, testability and usability.

Custom Management Tool Fitting into Your Environment

Software certified on most common infrastructure configurations, and integration support to create a software distribution to meet the performance, integration and configuration requirements from partner’s target infrastructure, processes, or use cases to create custom cloud solutions and products.

Support Subscription Services

Different support options through the support portal that include production-level support with professional SLAs, integration support for optimal and scalable execution, and certification support to validate and certificate compatibility with complementary components and customizations.




Consultants and Integrators

OpenNebula can be used to build any cloud architecture to address infrastructure constraints and to fit into existing data centers. The Service Partner Program helps you build clouds meeting your end costumer requirements and addressing their thervice workloads profiles.

Training Centers

The Training Partner Program helps you sell and deliver OpenNebula training courses within your region.

Cloud-Enabling Technology and Application Providers

Your customers receive more value from their investments by certifying your products with OpenNebula. The Technology Partner Program helps you certify OpenNebula upon your platform, and to extend this compatibility to the community edition.

Cloud Solution Providers

OpenNebula can be integrated with any component in the cloud and virtualization ecosystem to build a complete cloud solution. The Solution Provider Partner Program helps you bundle OpenNebula into your cloud distribution.

Corporate Resellers

Reseller Partners are companies with national and worldwide coverage that resell OpenNebula Systems support subscriptions to their customers or refer customers to OpenNebula Systems.


Partner Program Guides

Download a copy of the Service, Training, Technology, Reseller and Solution Provider Partner Program Guides with a detailed description of the partner programs, their benefits, and the procedure to apply.