The Complete Cloud Infrastructure Support Add-on extends the OpenNebula Support subscription to the rest of software infrastructure components in the Open Cloud Reference Architecture. OpenNebula support complemented with this add-on is a single-subscription offering that provides commercial support to configure and operate a highly scalable cloud completely based on open-source software.


The Cloud Infrastructure Support Add-on increases the cost of the support subscription by 25% for the virtualization nodes support and 25% for the Ceph cluster support



OpenNebula Systems provides expert guidance of any issue and/or incident arising in the deployment, configuration and operation of the following infrastructure components from its integration with OpenNebula.

  • One Ceph cluster per each OpenNebula zone with unlimited storage capacity as long as the cluster is exclusively used as backend for OpenNebula datastores.
  • The software stack running in the virtualization nodes of the cloud infrastructure required to work with OpenNebula, namely the operating system (Ubuntu/CentOS), the hypervisor (libvirt and KVM) and the networking tools (VXLAN/VLAN 802.1Q).

Support is offered at the same production SLAs as OpenNebula and includes: helping diagnose and solve unexpected problems when using or configuring these components; guidance about their tuning for optimal and scalable performance; and, if feasible, workarounds to address missing and/or deficient features.

Any bug discovered in the kernel or Linux packages, such as KVM or libvirt, or Ceph storage, while resolving a customer support request, if there is no existing bugfix, will be reported to the affected upstream component. OpenNebula Systems will follow-up its resolution. In the meantime a workaround may be provided.

Enterprise support is provided for the certified versions of the software infrastructure components, as described in the Release Notes of OpenNebula. This combination of components has been through the complete OpenNebula Quality Assurance and Certification activities, and has been tested together using the Open Cloud Reference Architecture to ensure that these various software pieces work bug-free as a whole.



Support excludes hardware devices, any software apart from Ceph and the host OS, guest OS, host OS not used exclusively as part of an OpenNebula cloud, Ceph storage not used exclusively as part of an OpenNebula cloud, and general any problem not related to the operation of the cloud.

OpenNebula Systems cannot provide immediate minor enhancements and hot fixes for the cloud infrastructure components as it provides with OpenNebula.

The Telephone Support Add-on is an extension to the Standard and Premium Support Subscriptions, so Severity 1 (Catastrophic Problem) and Severity 2 (High Impact Problem) Incidents can be managed through a telephone call.


The Telephone Support Add-on increases the cost of the support subscription by 25%



The telephone support is used primarily to explain and expand upon ticket responses to clients. The client should always report the Incident through the Support Portal. The Support Team will respond to the Incident and include a suitable time to arrange a telephone call within the response time depending on the priority level of the Incident. This ensures that the telephone support is provided by an expert in the specific Incident and that a previous diagnosis has been performed in order to speed up the resolution process.


Telephone support is not meant to report issues, nor is it meant to “bump” tickets immediately after submitting. We do not provide a call-in telephone number; all phone support issues are handled as callbacks.
The Cloud Validation Add-ons are contracted at the beginning of the support subscription to validate your OpenNebula-based cloud infrastructure. We offer two validation add-ons:

  • OpenNebula Validation: This add-on validates your OpenNebula design and installation.
  • Complete Cloud Validation: This add-on extends OpenNebula Validation to also validate the integration of OpenNebula with the virtualization nodes and its networking and storage components.


The OpenNebula Validation Add-on requires one day of consultancy and one day of engineering, and the Complete Cloud Validation would require additional engineering days depending on the size of the infrastructure and its complexity in terms of the number of clusters, networks, datastores…



OpenNebula Validation includes:

  • Cloud design analysis
  • OpenNebula readiness testing through a remote connection
  • Jointly fine tune of OpenNebula if needed
  • Preparation of validation report

Complete Cloud Validation additionally performs the readiness testing of OpenNebula on all virtualization nodes and their integration with networking and storage.



The OpenNebula Validation add-ons are for OpenNebula and its integration with the underlying infrastructure components, but not a validation of the infrastructure components themselves.

Because infrastructure environments are diverse, the Integration Support Add-on helps:

  • Adapt OpenNebula to address the requirements of your infrastructure, use cases and processes
  • Validate software on OpenNebula
  • Integrate OpenNebula upon new platform infrastructure

This add-on reduces the response time target of the severity 4 issues (general usage, installation, integration, or configuration questions) to 4 business hours and provides telephone access to the engineering team (4 times for 1 hour-calls).


The Integration Support add-on is a monthly contract with an additional cost of €5.000 ($6,250) per month



Our integration support team works closely with you on the integration, configuration, testing and tuning of OpenNebula within your environment. Our team provides expert guidance to help abate the amount of time and resources that are needed to successfully build a custom cloud solution. The integration support includes:

  • Answering questions about product adaptation and integration
  • Guidance about how to customize configuration files, bootstrapping scripts, plug-ins, and base templates to be fully compatible with the last version of OpenNebula
  • Guidance about tuning for optimal and scalable performance in your environment




  • Modified software and code not distributed as part of an official Product distribution
  • Releases not available at OpenNebula Websites
  • Technology preview features and unsupported platforms
  • Third-party drivers
  • System design and training
  • Issues arising from non-standard usage of Product
  • On-site services, remote access services, and development services


Support Guide

Download a copy of the Support Subscription Guide with a detailed description of the support levels and benefits.