OpenNebula Extends Support Services to Ceph, KVM, CentOS and Ubuntu

Cambridge, MA, March 14rd, 2016. OpenNebula Systems, the company behind the OpenNebula Project, announced today a new Complete Cloud Infrastructure Add-on for its Support Plans and Jumpstart Packages. The new Add-on extends the OpenNebula Support Subscriptions and Jumpstart Packages to the other software infrastructure components in the OpenNebula Cloud Reference Architecture.

The Cloud Reference Architecture is a blueprint to guide IT architects, consultants, administrators and field practitioners in the design and deployment of public and private clouds fully based on open-source platforms and technologies. It was created from the collective information and experiences from hundreds of users and cloud client engagements. This reference documents software products, configurations, and requirements of infrastructure platforms recommended for a smooth OpenNebula installation.

The Reference Architecture includes Ceph as backend for OpenNebula datastores, Ubuntu and CentOS as operating system, libvirt/KVM as hypervisor and VXLAN/VLAN 802.1Q as networking tools. This combination of components has been through the complete OpenNebula Quality Assurance and Certification activities, and has been tested to ensure that they work bug-free as a whole. Enterprise support is provided for the certified versions of the software infrastructure components, as described in the Release Notes of OpenNebula, at the same production SLAs as OpenNebula.

OpenNebula jumpstart services complemented with this Add-on creates a single-package offering providing the professional services to help install and configure all software cloud infrastructure components needed to build a fully open private cloud on your premises. OpenNebula support complemented with this Add-on creates a single-subscription offering that provides commercial support to configure and operate a highly scalable cloud completely based on open-source software.

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About OpenNebula and OpenNebula Systems

OpenNebula is a turnkey enterprise-ready solution that includes all the features needed to provide an on-premises (private) cloud offering, and to offer public cloud services. With tens of thousands of deployments, OpenNebula is parked in industry leaders like Unity, Produban, Akamai, CentOS, BBC, Alcatel-Lucent and BlackBerry, and research leaders like FermiLab, ESA and SurfSARA. OpenNebula Systems develops OpenNebula, supports its community, and provides support subscriptions, consulting, and training. OpenNebula Systems has a global presence with offices in Europe and the United States.

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