OpenNebula 5.0 Released: Simple Enterprise Cloud Management

The fifth generation, twenty-seventh stable release, of OpenNebula is the result of nine years of continuous innovation in close collaboration with its enterprise users.

Cambridge, MA, June 15, 2016. The OpenNebula Project is proud to announce the fifth major release of its widely deployed OpenNebula cloud management platform, a fully open-source enterprise-grade solution to build and manage virtualized data centers and enterprise clouds. This new release enhances the user experience by taking simplicity to a new level in building, operating and using private and hybrid clouds. As an enterprise-class product, OpenNebula offers an upgrade path so all existing users can easily migrate their production environments to the new version. OpenNebula 5.0 brings valuable contributions from many of its thousands of users that include industry leaders like BlackBerry, Unity, Akamai, Runtastic and Fuze, and research and supercomputing centers like Harvard University, FermiLab, LRZ, ESA and SURFsara.

OpenNebula 5.0 (codename Wizard) includes new features in most of its subsystems. It shows a completely redesigned Sunstone, with a fresh and modern look and new features for large-scale systems. One of the most relevant new features is the new revamped Marketplace, allowing simple image sharing between OpenNebula instances within federated environments. Native support for Virtual Routers to provide routing across isolated virtual networks is also great news in 5.0. VM lifecycle has also been improved, with new operations to ease usage and maintenance, like for instance a new host offline mode and the ability to instantiate a VM to persistent.

Additionally, vCenter-based OpenNebula clouds can benefit from the newly introduced support for storage resources and resource pools. OpenNebula will have a booth presence at VMworld US and EU, come visit us to see how you can build in a few minutes a private cloud on your existing VMware environment.

The fourth edition of OpenNebulaConf will be held on October 24-26 in Barcelona. The event will feature presentations from a wide range of OpenNebula users, representing telcos, enterprises, government, and research. OpenNebula Conferences serve as a meeting point for cloud users, developers, administrators, integrators and researchers.

To see the detailed release notes and download the code, go to

Supporting Quotes

“OpenNebula has been growing with our needs for private cloud management and with version 5.0 some very essential features like Virtual Routers, dynamic security groups, redesign on the way networks are defined, and much more are added. All of which enables us to scale
our private cloud even more.”
— Karsten Nielsen – Head of IT Infrastructure and Operations at Unity

“OpenNebula, being a lightweight enterprise ready open-source cloud management orchestrator, has taken our global private cloud to the next level and is fundamental into our continuous innovation and customer satisfaction. By upgrading to OpenNebula 5.0 we’ll be bringing in over 100 new features, particularly the redesigned Marketplace along with the enhanced storage drivers crucial for a faster delivery platform.”
— Khoder Shamy – Sr. Infrastructure Architect at Fuze

“We at Runtastic love the flexibility and simplicity of Opennebula. We don’t need to be experts on the topic, it simply works and does what it should. Now we are looking forward to using the new features of the upcoming Opennebula 5.0, specially using Ceph as a system datastore will ease usage and maintenance even more! Thx for the work guys!.”
— Armin Deliomini – Infrastructure Architect at Runtastic

“OpenNebula proved to be very handy to start from scratch, allowing us to reach a “cloud ready” status almost in a blink of an eye. Straightforward to deploy and to maintain, easy to customise and to tailor to our needs. After providing our customers with thousands of VMs by means of the ONE 4.x series, we’re looking forward to the new 5.0 release. The usual stability and smoothness in an up-to-date version of the cloud middleware we rely on.”
— Dr. Helmut Heller – Head of the Distributed Resources Group at the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre

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