New OpenNebula 5.2 Released: Build and Operate Clouds Easier

Twenty-eighth stable release of the leading open-source enterprise-grade solution to build and manage virtualized data centers and enterprise clouds.

Cambridge, MA, October 18, 2016. OpenNebula 5.2, code-named “Excession”, is the second release of the OpenNebula 5 series. A significant effort has been applied in this release to stabilize features introduced in 5.0 Wizard, while keeping an eye in implementing those features more demanded by the community. As an enterprise-class product, OpenNebula offers an upgrade path so all existing users can easily migrate their production environments to the new version. OpenNebula 5.2 brings valuable contributions from many of its thousands of users that include industry leaders like BlackBerry, Unity, Akamai, Runtastic and Fuze, and research and supercomputing centers like Harvard University, FermiLab, LRZ, ESA and SURFsara.

Excession includes a new IPAM subsystem for outsourcing of IP management and to foster SDN integration. Another great addition in Excession is the ability to use group bound tokens when users belong to several groups. All the OpenNebula drivers, and mostly the hybrid cloud drivers, have been improved for robustness. Sunstone, the face of OpenNebula for both administrators and users, incorporates enhancements to improve usability. Excession brings to the cloud table stabilized features that were introduced in the Wizard maintenance releases, like for instances advanced searches, labels colors and ergonomics, improved vCenter dialogs and import tables, hyperlinks to access resources displayed in the info tabs, and many other minor improvements. OpenNebula 5.2 brings hundreds of more other improvements.

The fourth edition of OpenNebulaConf will be held on October 24-26 in Barcelona. The event will feature presentations from a wide range of OpenNebula users, representing telcos, enterprises, government, and research. OpenNebula Conferences serve as a meeting point for cloud users, developers, administrators, integrators and researchers.

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