New OpenNebula 4.10 Enables Private Clouds on VMware vCenter

The new release of the OpenNebula cloud management platform enables easy deployment and operation of enterprise-grade fully-open clouds on top of existing VMware infrastructures.

Madrid, November 3, 2014. Code-named “Fox Fur”, the twenty-third release of OpenNebula is available today with complete support to build clouds on existing VMware environments. OpenNebula 4.10 seamlessly integrates vCenter virtualized infrastructures leveraging the advanced features such as vMotion, HA or DRS scheduling provided by the VMware vSphere product family. On top of it, OpenNebula exposes a multi-tenant, cloud-like provisioning layer, including features such as virtual data centers, data center federation or hybrid cloud computing to connect in-house vCenter infrastructures with Amazon EC2, IBM SoftLayer and Microsoft Azure public clouds.

“Fox Fur” brings additional enhancements across every other OpenNebula component: improved authentication with login token functionality, enhanced networking system to allow a flexible management of IP leases, improvements in Sunstone for the hybrid drivers, better Ceph support, and many bugfixes that stabilize features introduced in “Lemon Slice”.

Access to professional support is a must in production environments, and this is why OpenNebula 4.10 introduces an integrated tab in Sunstone to access OpenNebula Systems professional support. In this way, support tickets management can be performed through Sunstone, avoiding disruption of work and enhancing productivity.

“We are providing the open replacement for vCloud, this latest release of OpenNebula brings your VMware environment to the cloud in only 5 minutes”, said Ruben S. Montero, Chief Architect of OpenNebula. “OpenNebula 4.10 is designed for companies that want to create a self-service cloud environment on top of their VMware infrastructure without having to abandon their investment in VMware and retool the entire stack. They can also take a step toward liberating their stack from vendor lock-in”, said Ignacio M. Llorente, Director of OpenNebula.

Network extension model refinement and login token functionality in OpenNebula 4.10 were funded by BlackBerry in the context of the Fund a Feature Program.

About OpenNebula

OpenNebula is the open-source platform of choice in the converged data centre, providing a simple, albeit flexible and powerful, cloud manager that supports traditional IT features such as fault tolerance and failover; the dynamic provisioning, elasticity and multi-tenancy of modern enterprise clouds; and connectors for external clouds. With tens of thousands of deployments, OpenNebula is parked in some of the biggest organizations including research leaders like FermiLab, ESA and SurfSARA, and industry leaders like Produban, Akamai, CentOS, BBC, Alcatel-Lucent, BlackBerry and ChinaMobile. Next OpenNebula Conference will take place in Berlin in December 2014. OpenNebula Systems is the company that manages the OpenNebula Project and provides enterprise-grade support services.

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