When we define the roadmap for a new OpenNebula release, we listen to all users and prioritize those features requested by the organizations supporting OpenNebula with a commercial support subscription. However we cannot guarantee a firm timescale for their development. Organizations who need a specific feature developed within a given timescale could do so themselves or, if they lack the time and expertise, they could use OpenNebula Development Services to develop it.

The Fund a Feature (FaF) Program can be used to accelerate the features that are planned in the roadmap.

  • Functionality or enhancements in the code
  • Driver enhancements
  • Integrations with management, billing and other OAM&P systems



We only implement those enhancements and integrations that are part of our roadmap. We do not accept custom developments that are specific to one organization.

  • You fund the cost of development, testing and documentation of a specific feature or integration.
  • The development of the feature or integration occurs in the public repository of OpenNebula, and the new code undergoes the testing, continuous integration, and QA processes of OpenNebula.
  • The new code is contributed upstream and incorporated under Apache 2.0 license into the next OpenNebula release. The OpenNebula community completely benefits from these developments.
  • The release publicly acknowledges your funding support, and the OpenNebula web site includes your organization on the list of featured contributors.
  • The new functionality is hence supported by any of the existing OpenNebula Systems support subscriptions.



We follow the next steps:

  • Contact us with a description of the feature or integration you would like in OpenNebula. We have a whole list of features we’re working on. Please first check if your feature isn’t on the list.
  • Our development team will answer you with a short description of the new feature, a draft work plan and a first estimation of its cost. Because the new feature is certified and included into the main OpenNebula distribution, the cost also includes the preparation of the documentation and the testing phases. The cost of each feature varies based upon complexity of its development, documentation and certification.
  • If you continue interested in funding the feature, our development team will prepare a detailed Statement of Work containing the scope and specifications of the feature, a work plan, the delivery dates, and the cost of the development. This phase typically may require additional conference calls with you so we can clearly define the scope and specifications of the new feature.
  • Once you send us your approval, we send you the agreement and schedule the start of the project.



Funding a feature not only gets you the feature you need faster, but allows you to contribute to the open source project from which you derive so much value.

Development Guide

Download a copy of the Development Services Guide.