Data Replication Made Easy: OpenNebula Systems and LINBIT Join Forces

Madrid, Spain, May 3rd, 2016 – Two major open source projects in cloud computing team up! Now, management of highly available enterprise architecture is simple and painless. DRBD, LINBIT’s solution for data replication, can now be used with the OpenNebula cloud management platform, widely-used simple yet powerful turnkey solution to build clouds and manage data center virtualization.

The DRBD Software Defined Storage solution, comprised of the DRBD9 Linux kernel driver and the DRBD Manage provisioning software, can now be used as image storage for OpenNebula. This complements the existing high availability functionality offered by OpenNebula implementing fault tolerance for physical hosts and virtual machines.

DRBD Manage can administer an arbitrary number of nodes that can be grouped into sites. Site policies can be defined to specify the required number of replicas per resource. The DRBD9 kernel driver was designed to support up to 32 replicas for a single volume without sacrificing performance. This means that services in distributed data centers can access synchronously or asynchronously replicated datasets.

“LINBIT makes our rich management suite for private, public and hybrid clouds even richer. We are very proud to be able to offer our users and customers the most advanced open source solution for data replication and disaster recovery.“ – Rubén S. Montero, CTO of OpenNebula Systems. “Production large scale deployment sustaining critical services can benefit from this integration producing robust cloud infrastructures“

OpenNebula makes it very convenient to deploy and administer DRBD volumes. “We have put a lot of effort into making the management of complex architectures easy. Business needs of our joint customers might be complex, but the administration of the underlying IT doesn’t have to be. OpenNebula shares our vision of services which are easy to provision, highly reliable and cost effective.“ – Philipp Reisner , CEO and founder of LINBIT. For customers in the area of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, LINBIT can offer realization of complete OpenNebula projects. In other regions DRBD support subscriptions are available from LINBIT.


LINBIT is the leading Linux based storage replication provider. They work with industry leaders from the storage and network sectors, designing next generation critical infrastructures. Major cloud solutions providers, data center operators, OEM and ISV integrators and commercial enterprises employ LINBIT’s open source software DRBD to ensure High Availability and Disaster Recovery replication. LINBIT is privately held and headquartered in Vienna, Austria and Portland, OR.

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