The Complete Cloud Infrastructure Add-on extends the Open Cloud Jumpstart Packages to the rest of infrastructure components in the Open Cloud Reference Architecture. OpenNebula jumpstart services complemented with this add-on is a single-package offering that provides the professional services to help you install and configure all software cloud infrastructure components needed to build a fully open private cloud on your premises.


The Cloud Infrastructure Add-on increases the cost and deployment time of the jumpstart packages by 25% for the virtualization nodes and 25% for the Ceph cluster



OpenNebula’s engineers work with your IT staff to design, deploy and execute readiness testing of the following open-source  software infrastructure components from its integration with OpenNebula.  

  • One Ceph cluster to be used as backend for OpenNebula datastores.
  • The software stack in the virtualization nodes of the cloud infrastructure required to work with OpenNebula, namely the operating system (Ubuntu/CentOS), the hypervisor (libvirt and KVM) and the networking tools (VXLAN/VLAN 802.1Q).

OpenNebula Systems will install the certified versions of the software infrastructure components, as described in the Release Notes of OpenNebula. This combination of components has been through the complete OpenNebula Quality Assurance and Certification activities, and has been tested together using the Open Cloud Reference Architecture to ensure that these various software pieces work bug-free as a whole.



This add-on excludes hardware deployment and configuration. All hardware devices for processing, storage and networking should be previously installed and configured according to the instructions that will be available in the Cloud Architecture Design and Implementation document, more precisely in the Infrastructure Readiness section, delivered by OpenNebula Systems after the Design Phase of the Jumpstart.

Jumpstart Guide

Download a copy of the Jumpstart Packages Guide with a detailed description of the different programs.


Reference Architecture

Download a copy of the OpenNebula Cloud Reference Architecture on open-source and VMware environments.