C12G Announces Company Name Change to OpenNebula Systems

Madrid, October 15, 2014. C12G Labs, the company behind OpenNebula, has changed its name to OpenNebula Systems. The new name reflects commitment to the OpenNebula cloud management platform and its wide community, and more closely unifies the open-source cloud project with the company behind it.

The OpenNebula project, its OpenNebula.org community websites, and the OpenNebula.pro enterprise support portal are unaffected by this change. C12G Labs has changed its corporate website from c12g.com to OpenNebula.systems. 

“We are truly excited to embark on this new phase for the community, the project and the company. And we are grateful to the organizations and people who are contributing and giving us so much valuable feedback to improve OpenNebula,” commented Ignacio M. Llorente, Director of OpenNebula.

About OpenNebula

OpenNebula is the open-source platform of choice in the converged data centre, providing a simple, albeit flexible and powerful, cloud manager that supports traditional IT features such as fault tolerance and failover; the dynamic provisioning, elasticity and multi-tenancy of modern enterprise clouds; and connectors for external clouds.  With tens of thousands of deployments, OpenNebula is parked in some of the biggest organizations including research leaders like FermiLab, ESA and SurfSARA, and industry leaders like Produban, Akamai, CentOS, BBC, Alcatel-Lucent, BlackBerry and ChinaMobile. OpenNebula Systems develops OpenNebula, supports its community, and provides support subscriptions, consulting, and training for the open-source cloud management platform.