Complete the form to purchase a 12-month OpenNebula Enterprise support plan for one zone (one OpenNebula instance). Some benefits of our pricing model:

  • Support cost is per pack of 10 servers (“hosts” or “hypervisors”) in KVM clouds and per vCenter instance in VMware clouds
  • We apply a progressive discount so the cost per server decreases as the size of the cloud increases
  • There is a maximum cost per zone (OpenNebula instance), there is no extra cost beyond 50 servers or 5 vCenters within the zone
  • Front-end in HA configuration (High Availability Extension) increases the cost of the support subscription by 25%

Contact us if:

  • You are planning to run several instances in a federated environment. A progressive discount is applied for additional zones within the same administrative domain and we offer flat fee subscriptions for unlimited zones and servers within the same administrative domain
  • You will have different types of hypervisors within the same zone
  • You are interested in the add-on for complete cloud support, including support for all software components required to build and operate the open cloud architecture

If you’re an existing OpenNebula Enterprise customer and would like to add servers, upgrade, or renew your annual subscription, please contact your sales representative, email, or open a new ticket at our subscriber portal.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions. You can also download our Support Subscription Guide and Support Policy.

We look forward to helping you!

Support Subscription Order Form

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A. Estimate the Cost of the Annual Support Subscription per OpenNebula Instance ("Zone")

Download a copy of the Support Subscription Guide with a detailed description of the support levels and their cost.

Subscriptions are offered per pack of 10 managed servers (“hosts”) in KVM/Xen clouds and per vCenter instance in VMware clouds. Beyond the first 10 KVM/Xen servers and vCenter instance the cost of additional packs and instances is reduced by a 40%.

There is no extra cost beyond 50 KVM/Xen servers and 5 vCenter instances. This avoids having to track and manage individual server or vCenter instance count enabling you to take advantage of the elastic nature of cloud, especially as you scale your infrastructure.

Cloudbursting functionality implies an additional cost according to the number of public cloud regions (each region is represented by a single cloudbursting host in OpenNebula). Beyond the first cloud region the cost of additional regions is reduced by a 40%, and there is no extra cost beyond 5 cloud regions.

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